In The Flow book reviewed

John reading In the Flow at La Seu D’Urgell where page the book begins

Jonathan Males In the Flow is a very personal book; it examined my own relationship with canoeing. I suspect it is also a very personal book for Jon too. However, this is no autobiography.

The book provides explicitly relevant insights from an accomplished expert, role model and friend. Males has explored Self-Confidence in a easy to remember way. He describes the four Fundamentals; Mastery Motivation, Decision Making, Execution and Teamwork. The book is a must read also in that it presents a paddlers insight as well as guidance for coaches and parents. The inclusion of attributes, warning signs and learning questions each add great value to the book.

This 2014 book is beautifully illustrated with photography by Antony Edmonds, Rob van Bommel and Deb Pinniger and benefits from quotes from the absolute elite among Paddlesport. Buy this book for no other reason that to read what these Olympic, World and trail blazers say about our wonderful sport.

I couldn’t put the book down and read every page. I will refer back to it again for sure. Personally, I am already aware that my own identity is strongly tied to canoeing. I will have to ask Jon what exactly this says about my 44-year old self! Canoeing has opened a thrilling world to me. I have visited the most inspiring places in the world and paddled alongside so many inspiring friends.

I studied Peter Terry’s 1989 book The Winning Mind on mental preparation techniques. Now though we have a performance psychology book specific to winning in canoeing and kayaking.

Thank you Jonathan. This is a tremendous legacy to share with us. We are all richer for your dedication.

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