World Paddle Award winners

It is important and wonderful to see the World Paddle Awards grow and build. They demonstrate the true breadth of these incredible paddlesports about which we are all so passionate and help us learn about the people behind them.

“In addition to all my wonderful memories of the sport, it was fitting to see that the future of the sport would be in such capable hands”, says Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Bill Endicott.

Masia Almiral de la Font near Sitges, Spain provided the beautiful backdrop for the 2nd annual World Paddle Awards.


The list of 2015 WPA winners were:

Congratulations to all the nominees and finalists. Your dedication helps to continuing evolve and grow the whole profile of paddlesports around the world.

You can read the full list of 2015 WPA finalists here.


Watch the video interview by Nick Harding with WPA Lifetime Achievement winner, Bill Endicott.

It was great hearing Endicott’s reflections, which he describes as the “capstone to his career”. Specifically, that away from the high profile Olympics that his greatest enjoyment continues to be on the water and coaching kids.  Interesting too, to hear the parallels between coaching and politics.

Endicott’s last book was The King of Slalomia – The Formidable Reign of Fabien Lefevre. I would welcome a new print run of To Win the Worlds and The Ultimate Run. Just saying!

We understand that the World Paddle Award ceremony in 2017 will be in Portugal. The nomination process will begin again later this year. Here’s to another exciting year.

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