Part 2 – Move to real time micro-blogging canoe slalom

This is the second in a series of posts describing the journey from print to digital supported by print in the world of canoe slalom. Last week’s post described the shift from copy and paste using scissors and glue to blogging. Today’s post builds on how micro-blogging is taking live race commentary on-line.

@gregiej on Twitter at the Prague Worlds 2013
@gregiej on Twitter at the Prague Worlds 2013

As outlined in last week’s post. I have been able to use blogging is a valuable mechanism to deliver content, however it is not so easy to do continuous live updates. This is where Twitter described as a micro-blogging platform has proved excellent. At the Deep Creek Worlds I posted more than 1,000 Tweets across the 5 race days. It was amusing for me to see the race commentary and media using the Tweets as a source of their facts and race information.

Twitter as well as Instagram and Facebook have opened a new world to journalism. I can obtain immediate quotes, insights, photographs, reactions from the canoe slalom community at a race; athletes, competitors, teams, officials and their family. I commented on Jess Fox’s apparent tweet as she prepared to start in C1W in Deep Creek. She alleged it was sent earlier than it appeared! Klauss & Peche (FRA) were also pictured taking and posting a selfie on the start.

I have been so excited to hear people I have never met are following live race tweets, including streaming on a screen at the gym so they can follow the race. has embedded my Twitter feed in its liveresults page. It continues to be an absolute race to find fast ways to post as the results can change so fast. Every tweet should include an agreed hastag. We used #canoeslalomworldcup through the 2014 World Cup races and agreed upon #DeepCreek2014 for the Worlds. I am pleased to see the ICF has now recommended a series of hastags with #ICFslalom for canoe slalom.

I have also developed a structure for the Tweets themselves with a consistent convention for example posting immediate unofficial results, then official results and the make-up of nations advancing in a particular class through to semi or finals.

Gull River, Minden, Ontario

I am exciting to wait for the start of the 2015 season including 5 World Cup races, Junior/ U23 and Senior Worlds as well as the Pan American Games #TO2015. I will be live tweeting.

As a closing reflection; in some respects live Twitter commentary doesn’t sound exactly new after all is that not what Teletext was 30 years ago? It has just become a little more portable.

World Paddle Awards

I am honoured to be nominated and shortlisted as Media Ambassador 2014 for the very first World Paddle Awards. You can read more about the 47 shortlisted nominees across 7 categories. You can read more about me and vote here.

Next week there will be part 3 in this series of articles includes my own top tips in using social media to generate modern day column inches across Paddlesport.

Photo credits Neil Proctor @ProctorPhotos & Sarah Quart @gogolittlered

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