All eyes on Lee Valley

Good morning and welcome to the fabulous sunny Lee Valley Whitewater course for the biggest canoe slalom competition ever in the UK. Today starts 5 days of the most spectacular, exhilarating, tense and thrilling canoe slalom competition. Good luck to all of the paddlers and teams. Congratulations to the huge team behind the scenes for what they have already achieved in bringing this amazing competition to a reality and good luck over the next days. If you are new to canoe slalom sit back either at Lee Valley or at home in front of the TV and prepare to watch this most sensational sport. We hope it encourages you to pick up a paddle, coach or support this wonderful sport. For a preview of today’s competition see yesterday’s post.

Tonight’s post will include commentary on the outcome of today’s K1M and C1 heats and a preview of Monday’s heats in K1W and C2.

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